Graham The Gardener

Hopton Briars Stoke Lacy , Bromyard, Herefordshire, HR7 4HX

Keep your garden looking like your garden

Your garden shouldn't be a burden, more a place for you to unwind after a long day cooped up in an office. In this fast-paced world, it's not always possible for you to keep your garden looking pristine. That's where our gardeners come in.

You can relieve the pressure of the upkeep of your garden by letting us take care of your ongoing garden maintenance.

Let us take care of everything for you

We'll keep your whole garden looking perfect, even carrying out the most menial of gardening tasks. You can rely on us for

  • Lawn mowing & lawn maintenance
  • Turf relaying
  • Strimming
  • Hedge cutting & trimming
  • Plant trimming
  • Small tree removals & pruning
  • Soil replacement
  • Garden renovation work

And though you'd more than likely prefer to plant your own flowers and plants, if necessary we can do this for you too. Simply let us know in advance.

Landscaping. Completely change the face of your garden

In the hot summer months, do you wish that your garden was a more relaxing place to escape to? When it comes to freshening up your garden, it's not just about bright new flowers and a well-kept lawn. Sometimes a change is as good as a rest - and a new garden design could be perfect fo you.

Make your garden your own

Landscape gardening is a precise business. Everything needs to be taken into account, from the amount of lawn you want to the different features to make your garden individual to you. Our experienced landscape gardeners work with you to design your ideal garden, from new grass slopes and bedding areas to patios and decking.

Do you have an idea for multi-level decking, or maybe a really complex fountain or pond? No problem. The perfect lawn, the perfect dry stone wall, the perfect water feature. Whatever you want in your newly landscaped garden can be created for you. If you prefer paved gardens or large patios, you can have them.

Even the most ambitious garden designs are possible. The only limit is your imagination.

Fencing. Keep your personal haven a private garden

Your garden is your own space, there for you and your loved ones to enjoy. To keep any unwanted visitors out, or to simply keep it looking it's best, finish off your garden with a stylish wooden fence. And as part of your newly landscaped garden, why not install interesting wooden features, such as some decking or a wonderful trellis for your rose bush?

Simple, stylish, secure - fencing for your garden

Whether you just need a simple, solid wooden fence to make sure others can't get into your garden, or you'd like something more ornamental to separate sections of your garden from each other, we can build it for you. Even plain fencing can be attractive though, so don't feel restricted to standard fence panels when you could have something to make your garden's border catch the eye of every visitor you have.

As well as fencing, we can also install secure wooden gates for your garden. We'll make sure that no one gets in that you don't want in.