Two rare bottles of Frongoch whisky could sell for £2,000 each this week.

Published date: 24 November 2016 |
Published by: Josh Morris
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TWO rare bottles of whisky bought for just £5 could sell for up to £2,000 each at auction this week.

The bottles of Royal Welsh Whisky, distilled at Frongoch at the turn of the 19th century will be sold after an online auction run by Carmarthen based Peter Francis and are thought to be two of only a handful in existence.

The distillery operated for just 13 years opening in 1897 and closing in 1910 before being used as an internment camp for Irish prisoners after the 1916 Easter Rising.

A number of bottles ended up in the hands of a wine merchant  in Fishguard, who arranged for a a bottle to be presented to Prince Charles during his investiture tour.

Some of the bottles were drunk, with the wine merchant's daughter inheriting the remaining bottles as well as a number of letters arranging the gift of the bottle to Prince Charles.

"They've come from a lady from South Wales, her father was a wine merchant in Fishguard" said auctioneer Charles Hampshire, of Peter Francis Auctioneers.

"In the fifties he saw a newspaper cutting relating to these bottles of whisky which someone wanted to sell. So the mercheant got in touch, sending a letter saying he was intersted in them and asking for more information.

"The owner replied saying he'd had them since the distillery closed and was willing to sell them for £5 a bottle.

"That came to pass and he bought about seven, there's a nice picture of the vendor's mother pouring one out; it's a shame they didn't keep them all.

"The client has had them since the 1960s and has thought now was time to part with them, they've ben in her family for around sixty years."

The distillery was built in Frongoch because of the area's access to both the railway line and the River Tryweryn.

Mr Hampshire added: "There's been a lot of interest, bidders from as far away as Denmark and Hong Kong registering interest in the sale which is live until Dec 5th."

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