Life-saving equipment now at hand in Henllan

Published date: 19 March 2017 |
Published by: Josh Morris 
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Life-saving treatment is now accessible to anyone who lives or works in one village - with residents being offered free training on how to use the new equipment.

A new defibrillator has been installed in Henllan with training in how to use the device now open to anyone who wants to learn.

Community councillor and paramedic Kevin Davies is offering the training and believes the number of defibrillators available in rural communities means potentially lifesaving treatment is closer than it's ever been.

The training itself can take as little as half-an-hour to complete.

Kevin said: “I think we really want to highlight that this is here now. 

“We also really wanted to thank everyone who's helped bring it about. It was set up by the community council, but a number of people and groups have contributed.

“These new modern defibrillators will be everywhere soon. A lot of people might not feel confident using them, so offering training does help in using them.

“Every public access defibrillator has a different format, but everyone on the course will know how to access the one in Henllan.

“If someone's having a heart attack, you can't make it worse.

“As soon as there's any interest, we'll set up the courses. We're hoping to set up a defibrillator at Ysgol Henllan as well; that's the next project.

“If people who live and work in Henllan want to contact me or the Welsh Ambulance Service, we can set up the course for them.”

Public access defibrillators are self triggering and come with instructions and bear little resemblance to defibrillators seen on TV shows . As such, they can be used by anyone who has taken part in the short training course.

The new Henllan defibrillator has been provided by Welsh Hearts.

“The new owners of the village post office and stores have only just arrived there and kindly granted permission for the particular siting so that most villagers would be aware of its existence.

“The heated cabinet which houses the defibrillator was kindly fitted by a self-employed electrician, David Owen of ProLec, and as word spread of the community council’s intention some local groups and businesses were eager to provide donations to assist funding.

“As well as the community council paying £1,500 for it, £200 came from the Rotary Club in Denbigh, £200 from The Energy Company UK in Ruthin and £500 from the Round Table in Denbigh,” added Kevin

For more information, visit or contact Kevin Davies on 07828 292164.

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