Precautionary measures taken in Denbighshire following cyber attack

Published date: 15 May 2017 |
Published by: Suzanne Jordan 
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RESTRICTIONS are being put in place for users with hotmail, aol or yahoo email addresses.

Denbighshire County Council have taken the "precautionary measure" following the cyber attacks which affected the NHS last Friday; the attack infected computers with ransomware.

People – who normally use computers in the county’s libraries – are being advised that access to webmail addresses is temporarily suspended. Any incoming e-mails from those addresses will also go into quarantine.

People who normally use the following e-mail addresses will not be able to do so whilst the restrictions are in place:;;;;;;;; and

A spokesperson for the authority said: “The council is taking this step to mitigate any potential risks to Denbighshire’s systems and no security breaches have occurred. Residents will be informed when the situation changes. The council is also urging the public to be generally vigilant with all e-mails received and the advice is not to open any email you are suspicious of, do not click on any links sent to you via an email and not to open any suspicious attachments.”

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